A quote MAY include any of the following services, depending on your needs:

+ Water or Dry Loading the Boat

+ Picture Documenting Condition of Sailboat Before Work Starts

+ Pressure Wash Bottom

+ Decommissioning of Sailboat Rigging (De-masting) and all Accessories

+ Prepare all for Transport (Shrink Wrapping most items) 

+ Picture Documenting Before Transporting

+ Transport to New Location

+ Recommission Sailboat and Install all Accessories Removed

+ Re-step Mast and Re-tune to the Exact Pre-trip Specs or better.

+ Picture Document of Finished Job

+ Water or Dry Unload of Sailboat

+ Motor to and Secure Vessel in Slip

+ Sailboat Stands

Email to.   SailorsMovingSailors@yahoo.com


We prep all MASTS the same way regardless of quality or price.

We FOAM WRAP the mast then SHRINK WRAP all the rigging and hardware tightly together (on outside of foam)

 for transport.

We spend over$50 in PROTECTIVE wrapping supplies on every mast to protect it while in transport.

We transport all masts on the SIDE of the trailer, NOT on the top of the boat like other shippers.

Your painted or anodized mast will arrive without damage.

    Sailors Moving Sailors is a


Type of business.  We guarantee that you will receive the best that can be done.
Sailors Moving Sailors also carries (on the truck) a full line of accessories to replace or
repair items that have out-lived their lives.
Items Like
Mast Navigation Light Assemblies
Light Bulbs
Windex Wind Indicators
Universal Mast Boots
Turnbuckle Boots
Items like these help us repair things for customers that are difficult to fix after a sailboat has been recommissioned.




BOTTOM PAINTING while in transport to the new location. 
Have your vessel arrive with a fresh coat of bottom antifouling paint before launching.

We clean and prep the bottom before application.

We paint the entire bottom, under all trailer support pads.

This adds TIME the transport, but it is cheaper than having it done later by the marina.

Prices range from $600 (around 28 ft) to $1000 (around 35 ft),plus paint $

We only use INTERLUX paints, 

(we have seen the best results from this paint while doing routine

service to customers boats)