2022 Referrals

Could not talk more highly about Sailors Moving Sailors.  The transport of my Catalina from Oklahoma to Connecticut was handled with perfection in every step.  Derek is very knowledgeable in avoiding the problems that could occur in difficult sailboat loadings.  From an extreme hard water loading, to preparing the boat for transport, and a long distance transport.    I'm 100% satisfied in everything that Derek did for me.  I'm already looking for my next boat and there's no one else to call besides Derek.  Thank for your services. 

I purchased a 23' sailboat from a family member in New Englad.  It all came down to the price to transport it down to Tennessee.  I contacted several boat transport companies trying to find someone to move a sailboat, and ultimately was referred to Sailors Moving Sailors.  After a quick discussion, they informed me they would handle all mast work, transporting, and water launching, for a very reasonable cost.  Thank you Sailors Moving Sailors, couldn't have done it without you. 
- Todd

This was the first time we used a transport company to move a boat, and we chose the right one. Derek was professional, efficient, and fun to work with. He provided a checklist of things to do prior to his arrival, so the loading and launching could go smoothly and it went perfectly. Our Ericson 31 is in her new home, and I would recommend Sailors Moving Sailors without hesitation to anyone needing a transport company. Many thanks.

- David

Hey Derek, just wanted to say thank you for everything.  I didn't realize how stressed I was about the whole thing until I finally got it in the slip and all together.  You made the process really nice, and I appreciate the experience and wisdom you provided.  Thanks, man!


Thank you, Derek!  If I ever need to move my boat again, I know who to call!


I'd like to thank Sailors Moving Sailors for doing fabulous work with transporting my new Hunter 33.5.  Derek did the job at a very reasonable price, and I was extremely surprised how he worked through the evening to accomplish the job because of foul weather coming in.  I definitely recommend Derek and his services.  


I would definitely recommend Sailors Moving Sailors.   I had a short transport of my Beneteau sailboat to a nearby lake.   Derek did an amazing job.  I couldn't believe how fast he performed all the tasks - water loading, de-masting, and taking care of everything.  Definitely recommend him to everyone - he's the best you can get.  

- Richmond

Sailors Moving Sailors did a phenomenal job on my boat movement. They made it so easy. The communication throughout the entire process was suburb. All I had to do was minor preparation work and motor the boat to a ramp. I was done with my part and was able to get back to work. Derek handled everything professionally - water loading, pressure washing, removing the mast. This is the second time my family has hired him, and we've never been disappointed with his services. I truly believe that they will took care of my vessel like it was their own. Thanks again to Sailors Moving Sailors for a great job.

-David I.


I hired Sailors Moving Sailors to move my Endeavor 33 sailboat. I received exceptional care from Derek throughout the whole process of removing the mast, transporting, and re-stepping the mast. I was extremely pleased, with one exception. Some of the preparation work I needed to achieve before he arrived was not fully clear to me. So, I suggested to Derek to come up with more information to explain the full process to help both his customers and ultimately himself when he arrived. I liked how Derek paid attention to detail and was very thorough with his work. Everything went smoothly and I was completely satisfied and I would recommend him to anyone wanting to transport their sailboat.

- Joyce

Hey Derek, You exceeded my expectations in every way!  No problems with my transport and you arrived at my marina early!  My rigging and spreaders are in better shape than before when you commissioned my mast.  Thank you again.  If I ever need transport again, I will use you again in a heartbeat!

-Chuck B.


I hired Sailors Moving Sailors to move my  Bristol29.9  sailboat. Such a big, big thanks to Derek. Derek was very helpful with advice and thoroughly explained the transport process. But most of all, at the last minute, my destination marina completely changed their position on pricing and work. I found myself between a rock and a hard place. This all happened at the moment Derek was loading the boat onto his trailer. Derek advised me that everything would work out, and to slow down for one minute and think about my options. He told me of a couple more marinas in the area that would be happy to work with me. After I made a couple phone calls based on Derek's recommendations, it saved me over a couple thousand dollar. I can't thank him enough for all the work and advice he's given me. Highly, highly recommend Sailors Moving Sailors."
- Randy

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Sailors Moving Sailors.  Derek was totally professional, communicated during the transport, and actually arrived earlier than expected.  He gave me some great advice about the boat, as well.  Thanks Derek!

- Mike  

I'm not a guy that deals well with high stress situations. I realized I hired the right company when I met Derek at the pick-up location. He informed me of the day's events and the process that was going to happen to transport the sailboat. He assured me all needed to do was hang out and watch....that there was nothing to be worried about. Sincerely, this is one the easiest, best experiences I've had. Derek also saved me thousands of dollars compared with other companies. Thank you Sailors Moving Sailors for a great job. -


I was extremely pleased with the service from Sailors Moving Sailors.  I hired Derek to transport my sailboat and everything was perfect.  Definitely recommend them.

- Steve 

I have to agree with all the other referrals here. Derek Leslie offers tremendous services to the sailing community. The entire process was seamless and filled with reassurance that everything would be o.k. Furthermore, the entire cost to transport my Catalina from Texas to Virginia, including installing bottom paint, was very fair and reasonable. I will highly recommend him to anybody we come across in the future. Thank you, Sailors Moving Sailors, for your services.

- James

A big thanks to Sailors Moving Sailors for doing exactly what I hired them to do - deliver my boat with no damage or problems.  Derek was extremely reliable and professional throughout the entire process.  Thanks.

- Rick

To Sailors Moving Sailors: the transport went better than expected. You did a superb job and met all expectations. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services to anyone I come across in the future. Thank you, Derek, for the good, hard work." - Steve

Our transport was a short one, but it is the beginning of our family sailing adventures for the next couple years. We would like to thank Sailors Moving Sailors for great communication and lots of useful suggestions to make our sailing adventures more comfortable for our family of four. We were nervous about moving our boat, but Sailors Moving Sailors was impressively knowledgable and wonderful to work with. It was a great start to an amazing journey for our family. We highly recommend them to anyone and everyone we come across. Thanks!


My name is Bill. I had my Catalina shipped by Sailors Moving Sailors. I asked Derek if he was a Marine because every step of the process was executed with precision, quickness, and good communication. Derek informed me he was never in the armed forces, but he surely operates his business with military precision. I would definitely hire him in the future and recommend him to anyone.


If you're shipping a sailboat you need to use Sailors Moving Sailors. I just had my ODay34 moved from Annapolis to North Carolina - it was so well coordinated and executed and exceeded my expectations in every way. First off - I can't imagine there is anyone as knowledgable about sailboat transport as Derek Leslie. Here's all you need to do -- tell Derek what you are planning and then listen to his sage advice - this is the key point. Throughout the process Derek was easy to communicate with, focused on getting it done and he did exactly - and I mean exactly - what he said he would. No surprises and no hidden fees. I highly recommend Sailors Moving Sailors.


I hired Sailors Moving Sailors to move my Cape Dory from Maryland to Tennessee. To use a saying from baseball, it was as easy as a can of corn. Everything went as planned. I would definitely use Sailors Moving Sailors again.

- Chris

We contacted Sailors Moving Sailors to transport my new sailboat to a new lake. While talking to Derek before the move, he assured me that everything would be done properly and it would be a stress free move. He was correct. I was worried about everything, but after the transport was finished, I realized that there was really nothing to worry about. I am so happy I found Sailors Moving Sailors.  There's no way I could've done it myself or trusted anyone to move my boat. And I'm so thankful Derek pointed out a fix I need to do and even advice on how to do it. I most definitely will be recommending Sailors Moving Sailors as well as using you for all of my future boat moves!
- Cristen

I first met Derek when he was moving a friend's boat. His professionalism and experience impressed me. When it was time to move my own sailboat I knew who to call. Derek is efficient, knowledgeable, and just a great guy. He treats your boat like it is his own. Plus, he is always on time, and his pricing is very affordable. He and Melanie always responded quickly to emails and texts and did everything they could to ensure that the move went smoothly. 4 years after he moved my boat, I needed it moved again, and I knew who to call. Once again, he provided a stress-free experience moving the boat, dropping and raising the mast, and water launching. My wife and I have spent years rebuilding our Dehler 31 sailboat and the only person we trust to move our boat is Derek." - Joel 

Little about myself, I was president of a computer consulting company and am now a semiretired Sr. Captain on a 305-passenger sternwheerl riverboat. In my former jobs I became accustomed to working with individuals who do what they say. We recently bought a new Catalina sailboat and hired Sailors Moving Sailors to transport it from Ft. Lauderdale, FL to Knoxville, TN. I was very impressed with the whole process from beginning to end, including all communication and services that were provided by Derek. I am very pleased to know that there are still individuals out there who accomplish the tasks they said they would with excellence. I'm 80 years young and would fully recommend Sailors Moving Sailors to anyone. Thanks, John Farmer."

I hired Sailors Moving Sailors to transport my Hunter sailboat. I would just would like to share my experience with this company. Everything was perfect! They arrived when they said they would, took care of the transport with no issues, and delivered my boat on time. Derek was very pleasant to work with. Derek also took great care in handling my boat like it was his own. Thank you Sailors Moving Sailors.

After I purchased my Hunter 320, I quickly became discouraged trying to find a boat transporter who could do a ‘full-service’ move from Tennessee to southwest Missouri at a reasonable cost. Every company I contacted was much more expensive and would only provide the transport part of the service. It was up to me to coordinate the decommissioning/commissioning on each end as well as the loading/unloading, all at a significant additional cost. Luckily, I was referred by a local sailor to contact Derek Leslie for the transport. I was quite surprised and very pleased with the all-inclusive cost I was quoted. It was 1/3 of the total amount I would have expended with other companies and without the added headaches of having to orchestrate everything from 500 miles away. Sailors Moving Sailors did an amazing, professional job including water loading, pressure washing the bottom, and mast work at both ends. I even had them paint the bottom before delivery that saved me $1000’s. I am very grateful for the stress-free move. I can’t recommend Sailors Moving Sailors enough. If I ever need transport services again, I will definitely contact Derek! Thank you!


I grew up sailing on Lake Michigan with my uncle and father and have been sailing for over 30 years. I purchased a fully restored, well cared for 1979 Pearson 323 and want to continue that level of care. I absolutely love her and was worried that the transport was going to cause damage or issues to the boat. I hired Sailors Moving Sailors to transport my vessel, and Derek reassured me numerous times that everything would be ok and there would be no problems. The vessel arrived in perfect condition, ahead of schedule, and Derek completed all tasks that we agreed upon. He was great to work with! This specialized transport business is 100% professional in all that they do and I highly recommend Sailors Moving Sailors.

Sailors Moving Sailors for moving my sailboat! I work for the Military and move often, so I am no stranger to moving my Catalina long distances. The move with Sailors Moving Sailors was by far, the most stress-free experience. Derek is a pro and he does a great job, on time, and on schedule. He keeps in touch with you throughout the process and sends photographs of every step along the way. No need to look around, if you're reading this, you found the guy to move your boat!"


We hired Sailors Moving Sailors to transport our 34 foot sailboat to the Mississippi River to start our long term sailing dreams. We did not know how difficult this transport was going to turn out to be. Because of all the flooding and high water levels, it took over 2 months to finally have the opportunity to transport the boat. The whole time Derek worked diligently to inform us of current conditions and issues and continued to try to help us find avenues to get the vessel transported sooner. Finally, the day came and it was a tremendous pleasure to finally meet Derek. He works with such skill and precision it’s incredible to witness. Derek mentioned this was one of the most time involved transports he has ever done. We couldn't be happier with our experience and would hire him again in a heartbeat. Just wanted to share our experience with everyone considering his services.


I've owned my Westsail 32 for the last 20 years and have had it transported a few times. I'm a very experienced sailor and completely understand the steps needed to transport a large sailboat. I just finished another five years of sailing in the Bahamas and needed to bring the Westsail home to Indiana. I was very pleased that I was recommended by another sailor to call Sailors Moving Sailors for the transporting job. Once I viewed their website I knew this was the company I needed. I was very pleased with the information Derek discussed with me on the level of services he could provide including mast removal, transporting, and then re-masting and water launching in Indiana. Like I stated, I've been sailing my girl for the last 20 years, and I'm very familiar with every scratch or blemish in her. When she arrived she was in perfect condition and Derek performed all tasks needed in a very quick manner, even while I was interrupting him with conversation. I'm very pleased and could not be more satisfied with the experience I received from Sailors Moving Sailors. It will be guaranteed in 2 years I will be calling him back to return to the gulf."

A local boat mechanic referred me to Sailors Moving Sailors about loading my new sailboat I purchased out of the Ohio river because of the difficulty of water levels and ramps in rivers. Sailors Moving Sailors of course arrived on the day discussed and informed me that we were very lucky that we had rain the night before because of the shallowness of the ramp. Derek was successful with loading my boat and performed all tasks needed to decommission it and transport it down to Jacksonville, FL. Sailors Moving Sailors is definitely a professional, very knowledgeable business regarding transporting sailboats and I highly recommend them.

- James

We used Sailors Moving Sailors to transport our sailboat. Because of their reputation, I had no worries whatsoever. Everything was done exactly the way we agreed. They were on time and ahead of schedule, exceeded my expectations, Derek is very knowledgeable and guided me through every step during the launch.  The pick up and drop off were smooth, and all at a fair price. I can definitely recommend this company. Thank you for the good service.


We lived in the Nashville area for years enjoying our 1988 Catalina 27 sailboat on a local lake. Just like anything on a sailboat, canvas items and sails occasionally need to be repaired and replaced. All of our canvas items were showing age and needed to be repaired or replaced. It didn’t take us long to be informed by other sailors that Sailors Moving Sailors, a sailboat transporting company with an excellent reputation, also offers custom canvas and sail repair services. They have over time replace our numerous worn out canvas items including – bimini, cabin cover, binnacle cover, and sail cover. They also repaired and restitched my sails on several occasions. Most recently they transported my boat to Southport, N.C. Sailors Moving Sailors are terrific people and I wholeheartedly recommend using their canvas and transport services. -Jerry R

We were recommended by a local marina to use Sailors Moving Sailors because of their reputation for excellent service in transporting sailboats. Everything was accomplished with no problems and exactly as we had discussed with Derek ahead of time. The transport was completed in the exact timeline that we had agreed upon as well. We were pleased with the services and would recommend Sailors Moving Sailors to anyone needing a transport."
- Bob

I would like to articulate my satisfaction to future customers of Sailors Moving Sailors.  We made arrangements 8 months in advance with Sailors Moving Sailors to move our boat on a particular date to start our 2 year sailing vacation.  Once you set a date for a trip like this, there's a new level of stress to accomplish all the necessary preparations.  We worked tirelessly every weekend to prepare for any unpredictable circumstances on our trip.  But the one thing we did NOT worry about was Sailors Moving Sailors.  We were told by numerous prior customers and thru conversations with Derek that the boat would be transported on the date discussed and that there would be no issues.  This is exactly what happened - no issues at all.  To conclude, the last thing on our mind to worry about was Sailors Moving Sailors.  I highly recommend this company to help you transport your boat.

- Jimmy 

I would like to thank Sailors Moving Sailors, Derek Leslie, for doing a great job while transporting our new dream boat, a Catalina 36. A little insight…I’m a chemical engineer doing work for large industrial plants and I find that communication and reliability problems are the cause behind most unsuccessful projects. One can predict a failure long before the end if folks are not working together and pulling their weight. My experience with Derek was none of this. Any questions or concerns I had were responded to promptly, and as stated on his website, he does exactly what he says and is hired to do. I found it very refreshing to know that there are people in business still operating with old school mentality - Do what you said you would do. I highly recommend Sailors Moving Sailors, Derek Leslie, for any sailboat transports. You also will be pleased. Thank you

– Jim Morris

Thank you to Sailors Moving Sailors for transporting my boat from Kentucky to Florida. I have worked with trades and services for many years, and this company exceeds any and all of them.   Working with Derek and Melanie was the least stressful part of the move.  They stayed in communication with me and the marinas the whole time, and everything was accomplished on time, exacctly as they said it would happen.  I was very pleased with the whole transport and would definitely use Sailors Moving Sailors in the future if I need to move another boat.

- Bill

Sailors Moving Sailors was recommended to me by my new co-pilot when I mentioned that I needed my sailboat moved. I was delighted when he informed me that he was also a sailor and recently had his sailboat transported by this company. He expressed that Derek handled all details of the transport very professionally and without any issues; he was extremely satisfied with the level of work he received. It gave me tremendous comfort knowing that there was a company out there that would handle all the details of water loading, pressure washing, taking the boat apart, and transporting it, along with reassembling it at the delivery location. I contacted Sailors Moving Sailors and from the first conversation I was impressed and very comfortable with Derek’s explanation on the work that he would perform for me. The job was completed with all tasks being handled exactly the way they should have been . I could not recommend them higher for anyone’s future transports.

- James







 It was a real pleasure having Derek, of Sailors Moving Sailors handle the transport of my boat.  Despite miserable weather, he did exctly what he said he would do, on schedule, with no surprises.  I've been in the boat business for over 20 years, and he will be my only choice for moving boats again.  It was a fascinating operation.  His self-built trailer and crane are finely-tuned to the job.  The trailer has bunks with individual hydraulic adjustments that he fits to the boat as it is coming out of the water.  The small crane is perfect for removing and reinstalling the mast.  And the whole operation arrives as a single unit that Derek operates by himself.  Watching Derek work is a study in energy and efficiency.  Prior to moving day, we had a few discussions about the logistics.  He arrived exactly on time and began work with a fever.  It appeared as if every step wasa choreographed for maximum efficiency.  If he carried something to the rear, he would carry something forward with the return trip.  The only thing that slowed him down was me asking questions.  The whole operation was carried out with surgical precision.  It was fun to watch - just stay out of his way.

- Trey 

Scott..   We’ve been planning our long-term sailing adventure down the Tombigbee and into the Gulf and Caribbean area for the longest time. In this process we needed to remove our Catalina 36 from a lake with no services. In search of a company to help us, we asked around at our local sailing club and we had numerous people recommend Sailors Moving Sailors to help us. We contacted them far in advance and locked in a date to have them water load our vessel and transport it to Kentucky Lake for us to start our adventure. Of course with any dream, it takes lots of preparation, but the step with using Sailors Moving Sailors was extremely easy and we felt very comfortable with Derek from the beginning. Sailors Moving Sailors communicated very well and showed up on the date that was discussed and made the whole process of loading our boat feel like a walk in the park. We were told that Derek is the most experienced company around, and found out it’s true. To give an analogy, which would you rather have to help you, the nurse practitioner, or the doctor in charge of the whole hospital? Sailors Moving Sailors is definitely the most experienced transporter we’ve ever seen or heard of. When we water launched the boat he took extra steps to help us achieve a couple repairs on the mast before water launching it, and was very knowledgeable in giving us suggestions of extra gear we might need. We truly had no idea how fun and un-stressful this part of our journey would be. We recommend everyone and anyone to use Sailors Moving Sailors. We thank them very much and we are off to live the dream.

Bonnie and Steve.  My husband and I hired Derek to move our new Precision sailboat from Florida to a Tennessee lake. To say that we were pleased with his services may be the understatement of the year. The professional manner with which he dealt with all of the parties involved, his efficiency and his attention to detail are just some of the items deserving of kudos. In particular, Derek went "above and beyond" handling the disassembly of the vessel in preparation for transport. He provided invaluable assistance at both the pick up and at the delivery points to make sure there would be no damage to the vessel (there was not!) and to make sure that everything was handled correctly (it was!). Without hesitation or reservation, we highly recommend Derek's services.

Jane and Michael.  We contacted Sailors Moving Sailors to transport our new Cape Dory 30 from Wisconsin to Illinois. We were very pleased with all of preparations that Derek did on our boat for transport and all the communications he had with us while doing the job. The experience in transporting was stress free and easy and we appreciate all that Derek did.

Carolyn and Bob. We've been sailing our sailboat for the last 35 years and moved her numerous times; we have a lot of experience transporting our boat. A year ago we had a move scheduled with a different company (a "regular" transporter), and we had everything ready to go on the agreed date. However, on the date he was supposed to arrive he did not and we were not able to contact him or the business to find out any information on the problem. This cost us thousands of dollars because we needed to leave the boat at its location for another year due to work schedules. This year we contacted Sailors Moving Sailors and Derek assured us that he would arrive on the date that we agreed upon and take care of everything needed. As promised, Derek did everything he said he would do and was a pleasure doing business with. Guaranteed we'll contact Derek first if we need to transport again.

Sigrid Johnson.  I was exceedingly happy with Derek's work.  He showed up on time to move my C&C 35 and proceeded to work hard to disassemble the boat.  I know how hard it is to move a boat, but he really made it look effortless.  I appreciate the attention to detail, knowledge of boats, how to move them, and the laws required in the process.

Carla Millham.  Thank you! We wanted to tell you how much we appreciate the job you did for us , moving our Beneteau 36CC from Virginia to Kentucky. All communication with ourselves, as well as with both marinas involved, was handled in a most timely and appropriate manner. A complete turnkey move, we can't imagine any way it could have been handled any more smoothly or efficiently. We highly recommend your services, and if we ever have need to move another sailboat, we will certainly contact you again!


Laura Schumaker and Scott Socia.  Thank you so much for the professional services you provided with relocating my sailboat.  Boats are such personal members of the family and you did a wonderful job in caring for her.  I appreciate your communication to help me understand each part of the process.  You were quick with providing services, yet took the time to do the job right.  I was well informed on timeline which was immensely appreciated given my hectic work schedule.  And even through mother nature’s challenges this winter, we stayed in touch to work together to get the job done.  I will definitely use your services again when my next company relocation occurs.  I will also HIGHLY recommend you to anyone needing to move their vessel.

Chris and Nicole Schreiber.  Derek and Melanie were absolutely great to work with. They responded to phone calls and e-mails quickly, and went above and beyond to help with our sailboat. Derek was at the marina right on time, and his knowledge made loading our boat for the first time a quick process. He completed trailer repairs ahead of schedule and at a fair price, and kept us informed every step of the way. I would not hesitate to use his services again or to recommend "Sailors Moving Sailors" to anyone who needs help with sailboat hauling or trailer work.

James Johnson.  I  contacted Sailors Moving Sailors in early October and requested my boat be shipped in early November.  Derek accommodated me and then I had to cancel.  I then requested a February shipment and he worked out his schedule to squeeze in my request.   The day we met on the public boat ramp at Lake Watauga, TN, it was about 15 degrees and there was probably six inches of snow on the ground.  Derek lowered his trailer down the slippery ramp using a cable fed from a winch mounted on the truck bed, but he admitted his hesitation about working under the icy conditions.  He guaranteed he would get my boat in that lake and he did, despite risking his trailer potentially sliding down the ramp and the difficulting in pulling it back up the ramp again.  As I slipped away across the lake, I saw him wave goodbye with a huge smile of satisfaction....another boat safely delivered despite grueling challenges. 

I was very pleased with the work Derek did in moving my Ericson 32 from Bloomington, IN to St. Joseph, MI. This was my first boat, and I'm glad I chose Derek to accomplish the move. Everything went seamlessly, he communicated well, showed up on time, and did everything he said he was going to do. I would highly his services. -Matt

Just like the first time, Derek Leslie transported my vessel.  Perfect, no problems, he does what he said he would do.  I don't know if I'll be moving her a third time, but be sure if I do, Derek will be the one I call.  Thanks for your services again.  -  Brad

Derek transported my 33 ft Beneteau from Charleston to Oarange Beach, AL recently.  From start to finish working with Derek was a good experience:  clear communications, expectations, fair pricing, and he always showed and delivered on time.  Not having done this before, I was looking for guidance from an experienced transporter to help me.  From start to finish, he did exactly what he said would be done and more.  I also had him apply new bottom paint to the vessel while in tranport and the job could not have been done better.  His advice and performance was great.     - Mark

Derek, I wanted to thank you for moving my Pearson 28-2 . You were extremely helpful and very patient with my novice questions regarding sailboats in general and transporting them in particular. I have recommended you to several people here in East Tennessee, some of whom already knew you and have had similar excellent service reports. Thank you! - Mark


Derek, I wanted to drop you a note and say yoand your company did an exceptional job in moving my boat from Grand Rivers, KY, to Carrabelle, FL.  The scheduling was a breeze and the boat showed up exactly how I left it.  I would not hesitate to use you again or recommend you to my friends.  Great Job!!  -Jimmy


l, Scott HalI was very pleased with the services you provided with the move of my Colgate.

Craig Sherman, You did a wonderful job and being able to let you do a TURN KEY project was wonderful - we did not have to do anything
but just be at the marina when you arrived. I also appreciate the little extras you provided at no extra charge (you probably dont even remember them,but I do)

David Taylor, My Hunter 310 was transported from Harbor Island to Elm Hill Marina. This function was carried out by Leslie Transport and Services. I was very pleased
by the services that Leslie Transport and Services provided! Some of their characteristics that I observed:
* Very professional in all their dealings
* The team of Derek Leslie and Ray Bullits worked in a very dedicated and efficient manner.
* Checking, rechecking,and rechecking agaiun every minute detail of the decommissioning and re-commissioning of the boat.
* They exceeded their time commitment by half of a day.
* Very pleasant and conscientious demeanors.
I would not hesitate to recommend this operation to anyone who needs their boats moved near or far.

Jim Berstorf, Thanks again for your help and professionalism.

Bob Koch, I was very happy with the move. I thought that you did the job as if you were the owner of the boat. I wish you continued success. If I need my current boat
or another boat in the future, I will give you a call.

Del Scruggs,

Thanks for a first rate job! You have a great business as well as being a pleasure to deal with personally. Keep up the good work.
I will definitely call you first for any boat that I need moved.
Please feel free to use me as a recommendation anytime.

Thanks again.

Dean Henderson, I am a satisfied customer and will refer any and all to you if and when they decide to move their boat. The fact that my boat had some unknown electrical issues was not your fault. I do however commend you for the extra work you did and your dedication in ensuring my boat was completely secured before considering the job done. It was, in my opinion as owner, a job well done!

If you need your sailboat moved, I heartily recommend Leslie Transport and Services. They have now hauled and transported my 30’ Islander twice and both jobs demonstrated professionalism in every aspect. In addition to prompt response and on-time arrival, they thoroughly pressure wash the hull with water brought on the truck, unstep the mast with a crane built onto the truck, and wrap the parts needing protection during the trip. The whole process is fast, painless and very reasonably priced. The integrated crane simplifies the process immensely and reduces costs. Thanks, Derek, for another job well-done.
Gary Pardun
s/v Galilean

Hi Derek,

Thank you so much for all of your help! We really appreciate everything you've done for us. Please post our recommendation to your website.

I recommend Leslie Transport to any boat owner anywhere. Derek is awesome! He took all of our worries away and made our boat move easy, fun and educational. He treated us and our boat the way anyone would want to be treated, answered all of our questions and even met us at the dock to make sure Island Dreamin' was safely in her slip. We shopped around before finding Derek and he offered a more complete service at a better price. He shows up early with all necessary equipment, perfectly maintained, completes the job as promised, and makes sure you are completely satisfied before heading home. Feel free to email us at dennisb2009@att.net.

Dennis and Bavette Battern
Island Dreamin'

To whom it may concern,

Leslie Transport moved my Pearson 28-2 across Nashville in one day. Derek pulled the boat out of the water, pressure washed the bottom allowing my surveyor a good look at the bottom of the boat and gave him plenty of time to do his inspection. After accepting the boat Derek broke the boat down, took it across town, rigged it back up, and had it in the water by late in the afternoon. I was sailing the next day without one issue regarding the boat or how it was rigged back up. Derek was professional, did everything he said he would, and took great care of the boat. He is somebody I would not hesitate to give an excellent referral to. I personally am planning to use him again when I pull the boat in the winter for a new bottom.

You can contact me at JoeScatt@aol.com


Thanks very much, Derek, and for the well wishes on the sailing; and especially for
taking such good care of my girl!
If I elect to do an East Coast staging for the trip in the late-ish
spring, I'll call you FIRST!
Fair winds,

Nick L.

Derek: Thanks and it was a pleasure working with you. Very impressed by your whole operation and especially the ramp launch. If you ever need a recommendation don't hesitate the ask.

Best regards,
Todd Grove

2016 Gregg Nestor, GOOD OLD BOAT Contributing Editor

Second Move with Sailors Moving Sailors

Derek, I want to take this opportunity to thank you again for the superb job you did in transporting my boat from Ohio to Florida. With this being the second time that I used your services, I was not only comfortable, but confident that my boat was going to be well taken care of. You didn't disappoint me. In fact, the yard crews at each marina were very impressed with your work and commented so. It almost goes without saying, should I need to transport a third time, you'll be hearing from me.

Gregg Nestor
Contributing Editor


Thank you very much on the delivery of my boat. Not only was the price right but dealing with a professional made my mind at ease. You told me you would treat as if it was your own and you did. Not only did you gave me insight on the nature of her but also some things to watch out for as well being on time. Thanks agin.

Randy Phelps

Derek Leslie moved my 31 ft. Island Packet from Bay City Michigan to
Marco Island Florida 1 1/2 years ago . This guy drove 3400 miles to
deliver my dream to me. He has my total respect, and does everything he
says he will do. I noticed that you are a Captain in the Army. If I was
going to war I would want Derek on my right side, I feel that strongly
about the guy. Not only did he deliver my boat , he refinished the
bottom, that is still good today 1 1/2 years later, and did some minor
repairs. He demasted the boat in Michigan, and re rigged the boat in
Florida. He designed and built the rig himself. Please see the
attached, Derek is the tall tired guy on the left , I'm the happy guy
with my arm around Derek. I cannot say enough good things abut the guy,

Joe Crawford 973-632-7314973-632-7314


Last Spring, Derek moved my 30' Ericson sloop Grace from Brooklyn, NY to Nashville, TN. In every step of the process, Derek was where he was supposed to be, and did what he was supposed to do. He secured all the permits necessary to truck her the 1000 miles to her new home. Once there, he rerigged her, launched her and put her in her new slip. I was unable to be there in TN when he got there. I was pleased, but not surprised she was in perfect condition at her new slip. I was perfectly satisfied, and you will be, too.

Best regards.

Jonathan Helfand

If you need your boat transported...you only need ONE NUMBER...Derrick at 615 456-9069615 456-9069. This man is FANTASTIC. He is professional. He knows the questions to ask and THEN....he does the rest . He gets the job done. Sure, I called around for some other bids and prices first. But the other half-dozen movers/transporters were tentative...with questions like,"well, do you know how deep the ramp is, can you call to get a crane, can you be there to help". Not Derrick. You tell him where the keys are, and where you want the boat to go... AND IT WILL BE ACCOMPLISHED ! Derrick moved my 9500 pound, fixed keel (5 feet of draft) sailboat with ALL HIS OWN EQUIPMENT. He has a custom FOUR axle trailer. He has his OWN CRANE. Derrick even sent cellphone pics as the task progressed . Derrick, replaced the mast head light, fixed my wind direction indicator and installed new lateral shrouds (to protect the sails from abrasion). He pressure-washed the hull and even plastic wrapped the mast. He picked up my sailboat one morning at 6:00AM, made a cross-country drive and had the mast up and the boat back in the slip by noon the next day. He is meticulous on detail. Derrick even counts the number of "turns" for each hardware thread and turnbuckle. Your boat will be re-assembled the way it was ! And Derrick keeps notes to inform the owner of things he sees, such as the prospective need for a bottom-job, or a leaky window. So, if you have problems with your move, it's because you called someone else !

Chuck Sullivan

Thank You so much for all you did, I cant believe how easy you made it and how much work you did , which was not expected.
Thanks, CJ Pace

Second time Sailors Moving Sailors transported my boat which was just as easy and well done as the first time.
Thanks for everything , good job friend.
Martin Brown

We have nothing but the highest praise for Derek Leslie! He was awesome to work with beginning to end. He made arrangements that worked with our timeline, stayed in touch right up to the moment, arrived early, did more of the prep than we expected, delivered safely and stayed longer than necessary to help us dock in a storm that blew in. He taught us things we didn't know along the way. We recommend him to anyone and everyone we meet needing to move a boat. We recently moved our Beneteau 44', he was our first contact. I wish he had been capable if moving it because we did not have a good experience. Derek designed all of his own equipment and it all works beautifully! You cannot go wrong with Leslie Transport. I think the Sailors moving Sailors tag line has always been on his truck and it's true! We sold the Seafarer that Derek moved for us to a couple from Texas and we recommended him to them as well. He called to thank us before he did the job.

Best wishes on your move,
Dennis and Bavette Battern
SV Island Dreamin'

Jerry,(Good Old Boat) I recently had Derek Leslie of Sailors Moving Sailors transport my 30 foot Seafarer from Kentucky Lake in Tennessee to Lake Hartwell in South Carolina. I know Sailors Moving Sailors is one the Good Old Boat advertisers. I highly recommend Derek Leslie to anyone who needs to move a sailboat. He is a very experienced sailboat mover who does what he says he will do when he says he will do it and his price is very reasonable. He has the equipment to float a sailboat onto his custom built trailer, decommission, transport, recommission and launch. He is also capable of performing maintenance on your boat while it is in his hands. The whole move was handled exclusively by Derek. He is the only person I will call when I need to move a sailboat in the future. I thought your readers may be interested in this information. I know I am very happy I found him for my move.

Bud Hancock

If you ned your boat transported, I would definitely recommend Sailors Moving Sailors.  Derek moved my Pearson and did an excellent job with the complete re-commissioning, start to finish.  Derek gives very good service to his customers.

Michael Woods

Thank you!  We wanted to tell you how much we appreciate the job you did for us moving our Beneteau 36CC from Virginia to Kentucky.  All communication with ourselves as well as with both marinas involved was handled in a most timely and appropriate manner.  A complete turnkey move, we can't imagine any way it cold have been handled any more smoothly or efficiantly.  We highly recommend your services, and if we ever have need to move another sailboat, we will certainly contact you again!

Craig Millham

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Good Old Boat Magazine
December 2010 Newsletter

With our new boat securely tucked under its winter canvas, I wanted to let you know how pleased Joyce and I were with the service we received by one of Good Old Boat’s advertisers, Leslie Transport and Services.

Having sold our Pearson 28-2 last year, we spent more than six months searching for the right replacement boat. We found our Caliber 35 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. After the negotiations, the marine survey, and what seemed like reams of paperwork (a Florida boat, Canadian owners, and we’re in Ohio), it was time to move it to the Great Lakes. We solicited bids from three boat haulers. While their rates were all in the same ballpark, we discovered that their services were for hauling only. Decommissioning and commissioning, including unstepping and stepping the mast, were not included. These services could easily add $1,000 to the bill, and if we wanted to know how and what was done, another trip to Florida was required . . . another cost!

In the Good Old Boat classifieds, I came across an ad for Leslie Transport and Services. A couple of things caught my eye: “Sailors Moving Sailors,” expert rig tuning, and crane services. I spoke with Derek Leslie and described my situation. He said he would do it all! In fact, that’s the “services” part of Leslie Transport and Services. His quote was very reasonable and we signed a contract.
Being a sailor and having routinely transported his Catalina 30 from Tennessee to the Gulf of Mexico and back, Derek designed and built his transport trailer, which incorporates a crane. He coordinated with the broker and the Florida yard, arrived on time, decommissioned the boat, secured everything for transport, including shrink-wrapping the mast, and took numerous pictures to document condition and ensure proper reassembly. While on the road, he kept me apprised of his whereabouts and his anticipated ETA. On delivery day, we arrived at the marina 30 minutes ahead of schedule. He and his helper were already there and working. By lunchtime, our boat was floating at the dock.
Throughout the entire process, Derek and his helper were professional and courteous in every way. There were a lot of unknowns and potentially anxious moments, but Derek made the process go smoothly. Gregg and Joyce Nestor