Customer Pre-Transport Preparation Pictures


We recommend you take several pictures of how things are assembled BEFORE beginning disassembly preparations.  This will help you put everything back together later. Examples pictures below.

Remove turning-locking cotter pins from turnbuckles.

Pictures of how things should be packaged and prepared for transport.

Several wraps of electrical tape works well for securing items..


If you are unable to prepare your boat or any items, please inform us.

Remove all ropes from lower mast deck blocks before taping ropes to mast.

Tape running rigging to mast after removing from deck  blocks. Tieing the rope up neatly, does nothing but adds time to do, and then to undo.    Just Tape It Up .

Wrap boom up with all ropes and blocks still attached, before you remove  boom to store below deck or to attach to life lines for transport.   

Fold down bimini/dodger framing and secure with several wraps of electrical tape.  If framing does not fold down well, remove it from mounting point on deck and lay it down on boat.  Cushion on deck with foam padding where needed, secure well with electrical tape.  Remove canvas or wrap COMPLETELY with plastic packaging wrap.   

Furling jibs may remain on the furler.  Remove all ropes from deck block organizers and wrap and tape them to the furled jib.

Clear plastic strech film and several roles of electrical tape are all you need to prepare your boat for transport.  Both are inexpensive and available at Lowe's or another hardware store.

Tape or remove anchor.  

Customer Pre-Transport Preparations Check List - for Mast Removal Only Level of Service

These Items must be completed before we arrive to transport your vessel.  Please also refer to pictures below.

     1.  Remove main sail and boom and stow below, or cushion and secure on deck.

     2.  Tape running rigging to mast and jib, don't forget to remove from deck block organizers.

     3.  Untie all end knots in the ends of all running rigging ropes.

     4.  Remove and secure bimini / dodger framing and canvases. Framing usually can be secured to pulpit; better to stow on deck than below.

     5.  Remove locking cotter pins from turnbuckles; DO NOT remove lower cotter pins from the attachment point. Please refer to pictures below.

     6.  Tape or remove anchor.

     7.  Remove grills.

     8.  Generally stow away any lose items in the cabin. However, the boat does not move around much.

DO NOT loosen any turnbuckles - we need to measure the mast tuning before removing.

You DO NOT need to remove Jib Sail from Furler system. It will get plastic wrapped along with the mast for transport.